European Solidarity Corps / Korp Ewropew ta' Solidarjetà (KETS)

The European Solidarity Corps (or, Korp Ewropew ta' Solidarjetà - KETS) is the new European Union initiative that enables young people to show solidarity with communities in their respective country as well as abroad.

It adds value to the current Erasmus+ Volunteering programme previously known as EVS, as well as other EU funding programmes.

Interested organisations can find application forms by clicking on the below activity types:

i. Quality Label

ii. Quality Label for Humanitarian Aid Volunteering

iii. Volunteering Projects

iv. Solidarity Projects

v. Volunteering Teams in High Priority Areas

For more information about application deadlines, please click here.

Young people between 18-30 years interested in participating under the European Solidarity Corps framework must be registered in the European Solidarity Corps PASS Portal.


Click one of the options to find out more about the European Solidarity Corps.

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About EUPA

The European Union Programs Agency (EUPA) is an agency that supports Maltese individuals and entities in availing themselves of funding under the various educational programs provided by the European Commission. As of 2014 EUPA is coordinating the implementation of the funding program Erasmus+ and of 2017, EUPA will also be coordinating the implementation of the European Solidarity Corps (ESC). For further information please visit the EUPA website (

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