Current Volunteering Opportunities

Bridging Ideas, Initiatives, and Activities in Active Ageing – Forli, Italy 

Through the “Bridging Ideas, Initiatives and Activities in Active Ageing” project volunteers from Malta through Koperattiva Kummerc Gust shall be working in rest home for the elderly “Casa mia”. Casa Mia is situated in the city of Forli Italy and is setup mostly to offer a peaceful place to self-sufficient and not self-sufficient elderly aged from 60. Today, the house hosts 82 internal residents, 6 residents living in external apartments and 10 daily guests assisted by 63 social workers and about 10 volunteers.

The volunteers from Malta who are willing to go to work in Italy will get a first-hand experience working in home for the elderly which works hard to have activities with elderly people thereby promoting active aging. The volunteers will get a unique experience in this regard because they will see what activities are being organised in the field of active aging. This will give these volunteers great experience if pursuing careers that relate in one way or another to social care or youth work. The host organisation will also host volunteers from other countries and there will be a mix of volunteers from different backgrounds who will bring their experiences in activities relating to active ageing.

The volunteers will be asked to actively participate in the following:
1. Cognitive and handicraft work – support to the staff and the elderly in the different activities and workshops that usually involve the five senses: for example, stimulation of sight through newspaper and magazine reading or through painting and graphic expression according to the interests of the residents; stimulation of touch by creating small objects with recycled material; stimulation of taste and smell through regional, national and International kitchen activities; stimulation of hearing by listening to and producing music also with the help of a music therapist and by encouraging the commemoration of one’s life in front of others.
2. Relational area and music therapy – support and active participation in recreational and socializing moments in which residents are stimulated to establish contacts and exchange experiences. These moments can be dedicated for example to the presentation of the place of origin of the residents and of the volunteers and can be helped by the use of typical songs and traditional music.
3. Psychomotor area – support to the elderly in specific activities linked to spatial perception, cognition, relax and non-verbal communication (for which the volunteers will receive specific indication and training by the social workers), walking in the near park and short trips in the neighborhood.
4. Management of the rest home and of the common spaces – support to the staff in the tidying-up and decoration of the building.
5. Organization of parties and special events with the professional staff and the elderly.
6. Development of the Communication area – collaborate in the execution of simple administrative tasks and support to the updating of communication instruments of “Casa Mia” such as the website and Facebook profile by producing for example photographic material in particular events and parties (creating photo-portrait of and video-interviews to the elderly residents, support in editing leaflets, video and other kind of advertisement.



Youth centre Don Bosko in Montenegro brings together a large number of children and young people, aged 7 to 18 years. The main goal is to teach children to spend their free time in a quality way, instead of wasting it on streets. Target group is primarily socially vulnerable children and young adults who come from less developed areas. The Youth centre is open to everyone regardless of ethnic or religious affiliation. It is located in a poorer part of the city where there are a lot of kids with problematic behavior.

This is a great opportunity for young people from different countries to connect and learn from each other, and more importantly, learn more about themselves. Sharing experiences between people coming from different backgrounds is very enriching for a young person. It promotes the values of voluntary work, with the importance of expressing tolerance and solidarity between young people.

Every working day children gather at 4pm in the Youth center where they can play, socialize and participate in different workshops. There are also programmes during summer and winter school break. Every activity contributes to the development of their imagination and creativity. They learn how to express themselves, they improve their concentration, which has positive impact on their grades and behavior in school.


What is provided? 

  • Travel budget – from Malta to either Italy or Montenegro
  • Food, accommodation and local transport
  • A small amount of pocket money
  • An online linguistic support or language classes
  • A Youthpass Certificate


Send an email to – or to apply.