What now?

Where can I find a project?

The European Solidarity Corps Portal offers a place for young people and organisations (holding a Quality Label and willing to implement solidarity activities) to find each other. In the portal, organisations can advertise opportunities for volunteering activities, traineeships and job and can search for potential volunteers, trainees or employees for their projects.

Registered candidates can also look for projects, contact organisations and express their interest in projects advertised in the Portal.

If  an organisation finds you through portal and offers you a position on their project, you do not have to agree to take up their offer – the decision on whether or not to join a project is always completely up to you.

If you decide that you do not want to join any European Solidarity Corps projects, you can at any time  either temporarily hide your profile from organisations or delete your account completely. You can also choose to stop receiving emails and other communications. Further information on the data privacy policy applicable to the European Youth Portal can be found  here

If you are not interested in any volunteering projects, traineeships or jobs, you can create your own solidarity project. If you are a group of minimum 5 young people, you can develop and implement a Solidarity Project. These projects will you give the chance to express solidarity by taking responsibility and committing yourself to bring positive change in your local community.

What happens after I find a project?

Once you match with an organisation, organisations generally ask you to join a Skype call to meet with them personally. After the skype call, (if both parties agree), you will receive a date to start and have a pre-departure training from your sending organisation to discuss further the opportunity you have. During this pre-departure training, you will;

  • discuss your tasks and responsibilities in your project further,
  • receive an Info-Kit,
  • learn about Online Linguistic Support,
  • receive a volunteering or training agreement or employment contract to sign
  • gather necessary information about insurance, if needed visas and vaccinations.

During first a few months in your project country,  you will have an on- arrival training (provided by the National Agency) of the hosting country. During on-arrival training you will;

  • gather knowledge about the hosting country
  • understand your rights and  obligations
  • prepare yourself for the activity period and your unique European Solidarity Corps experience
  • discuss and adopt cultural and personal challenges
  •  get to know other European Solidarity Corps participants and build a European Solidarity Corps network.