Volunteering Partnership

What is Volunteering Partnership?

Volunteering Partnerships are a specific project format designed for enabling experienced volunteering organisations to develop and implement longer-term projects.

Volunteering Partnerships should also help enhance the quality and quantity of European Solidarity Corps volunteering opportunities.

Projects should strategically respond to important societal needs, contribute to strengthening communities while enabling young people to acquire useful experience, skills and competences for their personal, educational, social, civic and professional development, thereby improving their employability.

Venue of the project

Cross border or in-country

Project Duration

A volunteering partnership will cover 3 annual calls (2018, 2019 and 2020). Specific grants will cover periods of 18 months.

Deadline for applications

The next deadline will be in 2021.

 How does it work?

Volunteering Partnerships have been developed to provide organisations with a simplified and flexible alternative format for implementing volunteering activities. Volunteering Partnership will thus be implemented through 3-year Framework Partnership Agreements.

In the first stage, applicants will be required to submit a project proposal laying down the objectives, relevance and impact of their project, an overall description of activities for the entire duration and indicative annual targets. After the selection and awarding process is completed, a 3-year financial framework partnership agreement is signed by the applicant organisation and the National Agency. The financial and operational capacity of the applicant will be verified before signature. The financial framework partnership agreement will set out the procedure to conclude specific agreements for annual grants as well as the general rights and obligations of each party under the specific grant agreements. An indicative budget corresponding to the entire duration of the project will be included. The financial framework partnership agreement will not give rise to any obligation of the National Agency to award specific grants.

 In the second stage, the award of a financial framework partnership agreement will give applicant organisations the possibility to apply for funding for volunteering activities in a simplified way under three annual calls (2018, 2019, 2020). Subject to the funds being available, the National Agencies will invite the organisations with whom the financial framework partnership agreements have been signed to provide a detailed work plan of volunteering activities in order to conclude specific agreements for grants for periods of 18 months.

How to take part?

Organisations with a valid accreditation or a Quality Label from an EU Member State apply to the National Agency of their country.